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GSM Postpaid Add-on Data Packs

GSM Postpaid Add-On Data Packs
Fixed Monthly Charge in Rs.(Exclusive of Service Tax) Total Bundled Free Data Data Charges after free usage
w.e.f 16/07/2015
250 MB 1p/10KB
75 500 MB 1p/10KB
140 1 GB 1p/10KB
225 2 GB 1p/10KB
501 5 GB 1p/10KB
666 7 GB 1p/10KB
901 10 GB 1p/10KB
1711 20 GB 1p/10KB
  • Customer Profile will be 3G with no speed restriction.
  • The data usgae charges for "bsnlstream" is Rs 0.25/MB.
Annual Payment Option for GSM Postpaid Add-On Data Packs
Data Add-on packs Total FMC for 12 months (excl. of S.T) Annual advance payment option(excl. of S.T)
Rs.140/- Rs.1,680 Rs.1,575
Rs.225/- Rs.2,700 Rs.2,543
Rs.501/- Rs.6,012 Rs.5,639
Rs.666/- Rs.7,992 Rs.7,496
Rs.901/- Rs.10,812 Rs.10,141
Rs.1711/- Rs.20,532 Rs.19,258
Annual Advance Rental Option for GSM Postpaid Add-On Data Packs w.e.f 01/11/2014
Particulars Annual Data plan-2940 Annual Data plan-2050 Annual Data plan-1110
Advance Rental Payment FMC (Excl. of S. Tax) Rs. 2,940 Rs. 2,050 Rs. 1,110
Free Data Usages 2.5 GB per month for 12 months 1.5 GB per month for 12 months 0.75 GB per month for 12 months
Base Voice Tariff and other terms & Conditions Plan-225 Plan-225 Plan-225
  • These data plans are only available in annual advance rental optional only.
  • The voice tariff and other terms and condition will be as per plan-225, but no freebies of plan-225 will be available.
  • Pre-closure is not allowed due to technical non-feasibility, as system will not give any adjustment in case of pre-closure.
Data Card Offer with Annual Advance Rental Post-paid Data Plans w.e.f 01/11/2014
Annual Advance Rental Post-paid Data Plan Price of 3.6 Mbps Data Card
Rs. 2,940 Free
Rs. 2,050 Rs. 300
Rs. 1,110 Rs. 600
  • This offer is applicable for 3.6 Mbps data card applicable till stock last.
  • All other terms and conditions will remain same.

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